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How much it costs to hire a DJ is contingent on a lot of things: foremost, what your needs are. Every reception is different, tailored, custom, and comes with a (free) consultation via phone, or GoogleHanghouts, or in person, in order to dertmine your final price. Weddings run you between 1 and 2 thousand. For gallery events, clubs, private parties, sporting events, prices vary. How much it costs for your granny to party depends on how long your granny can dance. Get in touch. Let me know what your needs are, and I'll give you a quote.

There's always the tempation to hire your cousin who likes music and asks to be paid in beer to DJ your event. The few bucks you save might leave you crying in a pond at the end of the night. Hiring a professional DJ is worth it. I've been doing this a long time, have 10s of thousands of songs at my disposal, and have an interview process for getting down to the nitty gritty of what you want, and making sure you're happy. Because that's really what it's about. That, and making everyone else happy too.

Email me. And let's talk.

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