Put your headphones on

my daughter, 13, helped select and sequence these tracks.

a lush, electronic tapestry given as a gift to my one true love to tell her how I feel.

enough said.

3+ hours related to love - from first dates and butterflies, that honeymoon feeling, struggles and splits, making up, making out, gettin' busy. There's enough time to get through dinner and drinks with laughs and reminiscin', to the couch for snuggling, and finally...

a hard hitting, muscular mix suitable for a night of dancing 'til the walls sweat.

a multi-genre trek through the charged political and sonic terrain related to drug abuse, racism, violene, and disenfranchisement as it relates to black americans.

a relaxing soundscape, a journey through ambient music intended to relax.

an old live set recorded at the burning beach ball festival at the montauk yacht club and marina in 2007.

surrender to the beat and lose yourself in a trance mix for the club.

a slammin' set of wolrd music designed to get you dancin' with abandon.

trance for big dreams and mental vacations, or after hours club dancing.

several compilations for recovering from heartache.

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engineering sonic satisfaction

music is good