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If you seek a DJ whose tastes are wide-ranging and eclectic--someone who doesn't just go through the motions, but actively enjoys the music he plays-- someone who is aware of trends, fads, and underground sounds in music, and who learns as much as he can about every nuance, quirk, and trait of every genre and culture, he's your hue, man.

Always the consummate professional, DJ black angus has the skills, experience, charm, and range to provide the proper musical complement to your next event, deftly making your vision a reality. Whether you are a couple planning a wedding and reception, a corporation in need of just the right image and sound for your holiday party, a club owner seeking a reliable and versatile DJ, or just someone who seeks top-notch entertainment, he's for you.

Specialties: beatmatching, mixing, blurring the boundaries, simultaneously appealing to disparate listening tastes, catering to specific needs, reading crowds, adapting, evolving.

Based in Western Massachusetts, and willing to come to you. Weddings: yes. Backyard parties: yes. Clubs: yes. Your granny's birthday: yes. Your art show: yes. Your hate parade: no.

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